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An archive for genfic for all the various Power Rangers seasons and anything related to them.
Tired of everyone treating Power Rangers like a soap opera? Had enough of the five million fics about The Letter™? Would you rather read about the Rangers doing what they do best--living their lives and kicking bad guy butt? Then pr_genfic is the place for you!

What is genfic?
Genfic is the term usually used for fan fiction that does not feature romance of any kind as the central plot, "gen" coming from either "general" or "generic." It can span many genres, from action and adventure to comedy or drama, and does not necessarily fit into any one content rating.

But why a community for Power Rangers genfic? There are so many other PR fanfic communities!
Yes, there are, but most of them focus very heavily on romance of some kind (slash or het alike) or specific seasons only, or you have to dig through all of the romance fics on a regular community/archive to find something that's not about that. This community is designed as a place that welcomes all seasons of PR without requiring you to dig through endless pairing fics.

Okay, my fic has some Rangers paired up, but it's not the main part of the story. Is that okay?
It's perfectly okay, so long as the relationship is kept as something in the background, and the fic doesn't turn into a story about their romantic or sexual escapades.

Awesome! What else do I need to know before I post?

Just a few things...

-Be courteous to other members. We all like to read about different things and different seasons or characters. Don't flame someone if they write about something you don't like.
-No fics featuring character bashing. The character(s) you hate may be the character(s) someone else here loves. This ties into the first guideline above.
-All fics posted here must be about any season of Power Rangers, or as closely related to it as possible. Original teams are fine. Crossovers with other fandoms are accepted, but please be sure to list which ones.
-Please use your discretion when it comes to ratings and/or warnings. I'm not saying this community has to be 100% family-friendly, but please try to cover your backside anyway in case your fic has something someone may find objectionable and/or triggering.
-The content of the fic itself must be placed under a cut in order to save space on the community main page as well as everyone's friends pages. (If you don't know how to do that, please follow this link to learn how.) Summaries and other important information may be outside the cut for all to see.
-Please make sure your story is properly spellchecked and grammar-checked prior to posting. If you need help with this, there are many writers and readers alike who would be more than happy to lend you a hand.
-Off-topic posts (as in posts not containing fanfic in them) are fine, so long as they are relevant to writing and/or PR. Please keep discussion threads to a minimum, however; there are plenty of PR discussion forums and communities out there if you'd like to do that.

Gotcha. So who runs this place anyway?
Glad you asked! This community was created by khandreia (that's me) in June 2010, and I'm the one in charge. There may be times during which I will name temporary moderators when I'm not around (and I'll be sure to tell you all when I do), but I do most everything else around here. If you have a problem with something here, though, please do not take it to my personal journal! I love Power Rangers, but I would like to keep community matters separate from my personal life there.

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